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Welcome to our World

Based out of Toronto, HappyHound is the perfect blend of city and rural life. We designed our collection to align with the fast-paced, multi-tasking, bustling streets of downtown Toronto and also the toughness and comfort of rural Ontario, Canada.

Two key pillars of our brand are; ensuring that you feel safe while walking and that you never have to leave your pup at home. Our modern and innovative approach to dog walking revolutionizes the landscape of dog walking. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in the animal industry have earned us acclaim from industry insiders and customers alike.

Dog walking in the night is a terrible idea... said no dog ever.


Our products are recognized for their features which promote safety.

We maintain our loyal customers with our high-quality and innovative materials.

We strive to always achieve optimal comfort for both the dog and their owner.

We succeed by listening and providing you with what you want the most.

Hands-Free Dog Belt & Leash - HappyHound

Meet the founders

"We started HappyHound with the belief that your dogs' health and happiness starts with you feeling safe during your walk."

Founded by two brothers in 2018, Jordan and Jacob began HappyHound with a longstanding relationship with animals. The brand aims to make dog owners feel safer when walking their dogs and to encourage everyone to spend more time outdoors by taking their dogs on more adventures.


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